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About us 

David "7 Ball" Garcez
Key element (and the only one...) of the team that gives the name to the company. Graduated in MMI (Motorcycle Mechanics Institute) and with years of experience in HD motors, has given proofs of his work, with the presentation of several projects in variate categories, with distinctions and awards in national and international events with his bikes.


1992 to 1995 - Technological Mechanics Course that gave experience and knowledge on tools and machinery ();

1996 to 1998 - MMI Course in Phoenix, EUA), the only teaching institution with support and approval of Harley Davidson Motor Company and worked on "Fat Guys Custom Cycles" where he learned welding TIG and MIG techniques, and building chassis and custom bikes;

1998 - Welding Course on ISQ (Instituto de Soldadura e Qualidade) and opening of Shop and Workshop David's Performance in Sintra, Portugal;

2002 - Recycle of the Course of MMI, and worked with Don Maki, "XPRESSIONS", with whom he learned working and molding sheet metal.

knuckles "knuckle head" Dog
Responsible for warning the arrival of customers, and entertainer on the non-working hours.
Obs: Equiped with the great capacity of Sleeping